Main Focuses:

  • Working towards obtaining employment

  • Working towards volunteering; goals to strengthen social skills. A focus on refining and honing in on social skills specific to individuals’ focus community involvement.

  • ​Focusing on building and refining social skills necessary for different community tasks and volunteer positions. Focus skills include but are not limited to, non-verbal communication, verbal communication, and navigating social situations.


Motivational Monday:​ This is the allotted time for making weekly choices (i.e. Friday recipes, shopping lists, Fun Friday groups, group responsibility delegation, etc.) and calendar planning with intensive focus on decision making skills and client specific interests.

Community In: ​Whole group activities with community partners pushing in to share their experience, expertise and guidance. Specific programs include a variety of art classes, nutritionist input and cooking support, learning about different jobs and organizations, healthy living, and many more opportunities offered by our community partners. 


Fun Friday Focus Groups​: Fluidly changing groups focusing on interest-based skills selected by each participant on a weekly basis. There will be categories of choices from health (ie, gardening, yoga, dance, frisbee etc) to the arts (i.e. music, painting, crafting), and interactive games and activities.


Library Choice Activities: ​Individuals can choose from a variety of activities, focusing on individual goals and interests relating to computer based job exploration, technology skill exploration, literature, volunteering, and community events.